Women in NEMO Panel Chair: Prof. Cherry (Wenquan) Che, South China University of Technology, IEEE MTT-S WIE Chair

Time: 12:00 - 13:00 May 31 (Fri)

Location: Salon 4

Sponsors: IEEE MTT-S and AP-S WIE

A group of women leaders in both academia and industry will discuss with men panelists the challenges women have encountered during their career development, and how to create a more diverse and inclusive environment to better support a woman's career in NEMO related fields. Lunch will be provided.


Cherry (Wenquan) Che

Professor, South China University of Technology

Bio of Prof. Che


Dominique Schreurs

Professor, KU Leuven, Belgium, IEEE MTT-S President

Bio of Prof. Schreurs

Vida Ilderem

Vice President & Director Wireless Communication Research, Intel Corporation, USA

Bio of Dr. Ilderem

Maurizio Bozzi

Professor, University of Pavia, Italy

Bio of Prof. Bozzi

Qijun Zhang

Professor, Carleton University, Canada

Bio of Prof. Zhang

Dan Jiao

Professor, Purdue University, USA, IEEE AP-S WIE Chair

Bio of Prof. Jiao