Special Sessions

  • “Inverse problems and its applications to biomedicine”
    (Organizers: Prof. Xudong Chen and Prof. Shaoying Huang)
  • “Computational Electromagnetics in MEMS”
    (Organizers: Dr. Ibrahim (Abe) Elfadel)
  • “Fast Algorithms in CEM”
    (Organizers: Prof. Vladimir Okhmatovski and Prof. Abdulkadir C. Yucel)
  • “New techniques of modeling and optimization of microwave filters”
    (Organizers: Prof. Dimitra Psychogiou and Prof. Roberto Gomez-Garcia)
  • “Impedance and metasurfaces for antennas”
    (Organizers: Prof. Kiersten Kerby-Patel)
  • “Uncertainty Quantification and Data-Efficient Learning”
    (Organizers: Prof. Zheng Zhang)
  • “Multispectral Multiphysics Modeling ”
    (Organizers: Dr. Shaolin Liao and Prof. Pai-Yen Chen)
  • "Multiscale and Multiphysics Modeling in Photonics" (Organized by Prof. Alexander V. Kildishev) (Special Session)
  • "Modeling and Optimization for Imaging" (Organized by Dr. Dennis Lee) (Special Session)
  • "Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications in EM-CAD" (Organized by Prof. Zhen Peng and Prof. Costas Sarris) (Focus Session)
  • "Modeling of Nanophotonics, Nanomaterials, Meta-structures and Their Applications" (Organized by Prof. Hualiang Zhang) (Focus Session)
  • "Emerging modeling concepts and methods" (organized by Prof. Zhizhang (David) Chen) (Special Session)
  • "EM modeling and inverse problems for Oilfield application" (organized by Dr. Saad Omar) (Special Session)
  • "Focus Session on Commercial Tools" (Organized by Dr. CJ Reddy and Dr. Qing He) (Focus Session)
  • More to come ...